Wednesday, February 18, 2015

An Hour Before Bedtime

I am waiting to step into the coveted shoes of motherhood. But if you ask me, what would be a perfect and fun bedtime routine that I would like to share with my kids, it would most likely be the one I had while growing up. My bedtime routine when I was a kid can be summarized in three words - bath, fragrance and story. I was born in the 80s. There was no such thing as late night shows then, and no one heard a thing about the internet. Most of the evenings were spent watching a show on Doordarshan, followed by dinner and some family activities. Even thinking about it brings solace, isn’t it? But what was most exciting for me then was what followed post dinner and a game of carom - my bedtime routine.

It started with brushing teeth and followed by a lazy bath. I would love to do the same with my kids. Kids love playing with water and allowing them to take their toys in the bath tub adds to the fun quotient. What better companion than their favorite buddies to play in the water? And there are loads of fun toys available in the market these days, which adds both fun and color to the whole bathing experience. I bet, every kid loves it. Also, dazzle the bathroom with baby toiletries - animal shaped soap, tear-free shampoo and bubble gum flavored toothpaste.

Though there is nothing surreal about tubs, toys and water, but the vivid imagination of a child can make it magical and fun. I would let them play for sometime. Though in the winters, I will make sure to make it warm, luxurious and little fast. It should be like a 'fun therapy' for kids to prepare their bodies for sound sleep. But before going to the bathroom, I would ask them to pick up their favorite night dress from their closet. There is a vibrant range of night dresses available these days. I would love to stock a few of their favorite cartoon characters so that it adds sparkle to the whole bedtime routine. After the brush and bath time, the real action would begin.

I would add some special effect lights in my kids room. And also, some glow stickers on the roof to make it look like a star-studded sky. I've heard kids love such special effects in the room. It gives a wonderland feel to the plain concrete walls and ceiling. Then, I would tuck them in their bed and make sure that they are comfortable. After that, I would sit by their side and read one of their favorite story books. In fact, I have already selected a few of the children's books from the ones available in the market. In the end of the bedtime routine, I would give them colorful books to browse through and create their own fantasies. Some lone time to let my child take flight into the mystical world of dreams.

So, for my kids the bedtime rituals would be - brush, bath and their favorite books to prepare them for a sound sleep. A sound sleep would ensure that they wake up smiling and happy.

So, what was your bedroom routine as a kid? Did you guys read or watched cartoons?

Check Pampers website to know more about kids and what makes them happy.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Bucket List

Life is very demanding. As we grow old, we are burdened with responsibilities and we forget to live our life. There is so much on our shoulders that we actually kill or snub our desires. Someone has rightly said - Growing up is a trap! Wish life was a little easy and there are less worries of future, so that I too can live #BefikarUmarBhar. My bucket list is rather long but if I have the liberty to spend as I like and indulge myself in the dares that thrill me, I would attempt a few from the list.

What tops the list of things I would do, if I have no worry of future is Skydiving. I love adventure sports. There is a different kind of high one gets when you challenge yourself to new limits. Even pushing yourself to newer limits sounds super exciting to me. Skydiving is super exciting but my problem is with my weird palpitation graph, no one will allow me. To be really honest, even I am tad bit scared of getting hurt or hospitalised. Why bother family for one thrill? I think about hospital bills and the agony I might put my family through if I push the envelope beyond my physical abilities.

Next is of course buying a solitaire. I am crazy about three things - diamonds, perfumes and nail paints. Everytime I browse net for two carat flawless diamond, my mouth waters. I take a sheet out and write ways I could arrange a large sum. But even if I could manage, I am not reckless to invest a large sum of money in one piece of jewelry. If I have no worry of my future obligations, I will empty all accounts, exhaust all credit cards limits, take personal loan and pamper myself with a big piece of rock, that is - flawless, round and shiny.

Travel is one thing I am passionate about. I do take short trips with my family as and when I get time but my dream vacation destination is French Riviera. I don’t want to go there for 5-6 days. Instead with no worry of home, work and blog, I want to spend at least a month there - strolling on the pristine streets, trying different dishes, learning art and living like a free soul. Don’t laugh if I tell you that I even dreamt about it twice. And for days after that I surfed nearly all websites selling French Riviera vacation packages. But like everything else, this seems to be a distant dream.

I am ‘odd one out’ in my family. Everyone in my family is an expert swimmer except for me. Every summer I plan and like most of my plans, they exist only in my journal. I just want to learn swimming and go scuba diving in the Caribbean. I make a promise to myself almost every summer but I end up tearing all the brochures during Diwali cleaning. Phew! This is one thing in my bucket list that show my laziness too. But this summer, I will learn swimming for sure. In fact, I am losing weight to fit into a swimsuit. Without caring about how I look in that swimsuit, I will learn and free my lazy bones.

Among the top five things is something I am very passionate about. But time is such a big constraint that I am neglecting it for some free days and truck loads of money. I know, many will say - you need to make time for your dreams. I want to write a short story book even before I started blogging and sell it in my own cafe. Yes, I want to open my own Book Cafe. Writing that book must precede the opening of cafe. And I would love to give same name to my book and cafe. Such a twisted dream! For anyone reading this post, I make lovely chocolate fudge and cold coffee. 

So, these are top 5 things in my bucket list. How about yours, do share? To know ways to live #BefikarUmarBhar, check

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Loves You, Unconditionally!

Men are from mars and women are from venus. No wonder, men don’t understand the depth of our emotions. We need to be pampered, loved and we want our man to be with us 24X7, at least on special days. Sigh, such a simple demand fell on deaf ears and my husband refused to alter his ‘Saturday’ routine this Valentine’s Day. So, I opted for something special and I did everything I ever wanted to make this day perfect. With #UnconditionalLove, it spent the entire day with me. It was my ideal Valentine. It was none other than - ASUS  Zenfone!

Compliments Galore 
I bought a lovely red dress a few days back. It would have gone waste, had it not been for the superb camera of my Zenfone. When I ask my husband, ‘How do I look?’ All I got is a mild ‘OK’. With High resolution camera and PixelMaster of Zenfone, I clicked many selfies and shared it with my friends on Facebook. When I wanted to know how I looked, I could just peep into Zenfone’s eyes and I got all the answers. Like a perfect Gentleman, he answered all my questions with patience and helped me win compliments on social media. Wish my man this much patience.

Unlimited Laughter and Fun
We chatted endlessly. Not with each other, rather I chatted through my Zenfone on my messenger with my single friends. I had loads of fun on twitter too. With the Intel Atom processor inside it, it works at a lightning speed. I was on a tweet marathon on #ValentinesDay. And I didn’t feel alone even for a minute. Courtesy Zenfone, I laughed nonstop for hours together. There is nothing better than ‘humor’ to fill the Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Movie Date
When I got bored and tired of tweeting and chatting, I cozied with my Zenfone on my couch and watched a RomCom on it. With its amazingly long lasting battery life and super responsiveness, my evening just lit up. I downloaded the Netflix app and watched Pretty Women for the nth time. That was one of the most romantic things I did so far on Valentine’s Day. I knew my husband would never watch it with me when Cricket World Cup is in action. He just watches the live match or catches the highlights of earlier matches. Zenfone was calm like a Zen and threw no male tantrums. 

A Romantic Meal in the Evening
After watching the movie when I was in no mood to order pizza, Zenfone acted as a Trainer Chef. I surfed many fancy recipes on it. The Hyper Threading Technology in it made it so easy to surf through the high resolution Pinterest images. I was in awe of its performance. Finally, I cooked a sumptuous meal with the help of my Zenfone. I bet, no man has that much patience to wait for half an hour when his wife scrolls through the Pinterest page.

Oh, the Looks!
Well, have you seen any of the Zenfone? It’s slim and sleek. The ceramic touch of his body is to die-for. Holding it in your hands is a delight. Its smooth edges and vibrant colors makes it a perfect match for fun loving girls. In the department of looks, nothing beats ASUS Zenfone on this Valentine’s Day. And no wonder, many are saying it is an #IdealValentine.

I dressed up, I laughed, received compliments, gorged on a tasty meal, cuddled and watched a movie with my Zenfone. What else one would want from their Valentine! 

Dear Zenfone, Be Mine Forever!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

No Fikar, Chat Quikr

Do you think twice before sharing your number on a portal? I do. Once I posted an advertisement on a website and even months after selling the product, I got countless phone calls. It was quite annoying. Since then, I prefer not to share my phone number with strangers. But, sometimes we have to, specially when we want to contact sellers or buyers. Else, we lose valuable time and money. So, when I read - ‘No Fikar, Chat Quikr’ on Quikr’s website, I said, ‘Yes, this is the solution!’ 

Chat sounds like a middle path between two extremes - long chain of emails and telephone calls. And, I prefer chat over phone conversations for various reasons. For starters, you don’t have to give your number to total strangers. Whenever I share my number on a portal, I get random telemarketing calls for days together. I don’t know why it happens or is it a plain coincidence but it happens with me all the time. Number privacy is the main reason why I like chat more. And not to forget, it saves money. Why spend money on outgoing calls and while roaming? Chat ensures privacy and is totally free. What else one can ask for?

Second, you have history of every information shared when you chat. Well, there may be some who would argue that you can record it on phone but sorry, not everyone is as smart as them. Coming from legal background, I prefer things in black and white. Chat history can serve as a perfect proof when someone would try to revert from their statement. You have the exact information of what price they quoted and other specifications. Plus, you can share all the images and can compare it later on. Also, you need not remember the details of your conversations or take notes of what someone said. After you are done chatting, just click and read the history. It even comes handy when you are talking to multiple buyers or sellers - just open the chat histories and compare the deals offered by many parties. I feel it also helps in better and informed decision making. Also, we can clear our doubts clearly over chat. There are less chances of misunderstandings when every detail is spelled out.

Third, it is available at convenience. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. People chat as and when they have time. Neither someone bugs you, nor you disturb others - isn’t it wonderful? It saves time as well, you can chat with multiple people and inquire about the product. It is a way better medium than having a conversation over phone. These days most people work on computers for hours together and chat serves such lifestyle best.

Besides the obvious reasons, what I liked about Quikr Chat is that it is available across many platforms. Yes, you can chat by logging on their website on your computer, on the mobile version on your smartphone and even on the Quikr app. I feel selling or buying can’t get easier and convenient that this. Their tagline is just perfect - No Fikar, Chat Quikr! Don’t we all agree?

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

All-in-one for Me

Let me begin by saying - appearance is the most important thing when it comes to shopping for girls. A thing has to look unbelievably good to win us over. We like to flaunt and hence, appearance of a product plays a vital role. So, when bloggers were asked to choose between - Sleek and Powerful ASUS EeeBook X205TA or Ultra-Portable and Perpetually connected ASUS All-in-One PC ET2040, my choice was obvious.

It’s ASUS All-in-One PC ET2040 for me. Is it only looks, you ask? Of course, not. There are some terrific features which makes this sleek beauty desirable. 

Compact and Appearance - 
Hands down, this is the number one reason but don’t even think that we girls can be fooled with looks only. We look and closely examine what we buy, we want to get value for each rupee. Since we have to maintain the house and take care of everything, we like life clutter-free. This product saves a lot of space and can fit in even on small table or in small corners, like the foyer in front of dining area. It’s sleek, compact and can be shifted very easily. Both its looks and the compact size makes it suitable for smaller spaces, like my apartment. It also fits my lifestyle, as I work from home.

Hands-free -
Now, this is what we all wives need - a device that can be operated from far away. Who has the time to walk to the computer to change the song or increase the volume? Plus, who has the energy to stop cooking, wash hands and go to the coffee table to start the video, you think you clicked, but is not playing? This is when, the incredible Gesture Control would act as my little genie and I could operate this device from five meters away. How cool is that! All I have to do is memorize these -

Hush to Mute
Fist to Volume
Thumbs to Play
Wave to Flip

Smart Charging and Connectivity-
Honestly, I don’t know the technical difference between of 2.0 and 3.0 devices but what I care is - this device is faster. It can recharge up-to 50% faster and can transfer data between devices 10 times faster. What else I need? Faster action means time saving and more free time to pursue my hobbies. And I don’t need to upgrade my old electronics as this device comes with required compatibility. 

Also, I can connect this little device with my TV to play something on a bigger screen but this is not such a great feature for me. What really excites me is that I can connect it with other device and work on two screens simultaneously! This feature would come really handy to bloggers who make or edit pictures, no hassle of switching between tabs, swiping and losing track of the content. 

These are the features which stood out for me along with the 1 hour built in UPS, which prevents the data loss. For me, All-in-One PC ET2040 wins the battle with its gesture control, appearance, charging and connectivity feature, where ASUS EeeBook X205TA lacks. 

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Quick Solution to my Moving Woes - Quikr

I lived in Ulsoor, Bangalore for close to nine months. We rented a fully furnished apartment that time. It was an easy move but it lacked the personal feel. So, if I ever move to Bangalore again, I would like to set up the entire house on my own. And, I have heard Quikr can help me with every aspect of it - from looking for an apartment to pet care and from buying a car to hiring a handyman. It lets you buy, sell and post a requirement. It's secure and gives you a sea of options to choose from. 

The first step in my relocating journey would be to search for a apartment on rent. I would use Quikr, which has updated listings and all the filters one needs to define the apartment search - location, price range, type, area, photos and my personal favorite - postings listed by individuals, brokers and builders separately. I have had a bad experience dealing with brokers when I moved to Noida. So, now I avoid them. The best feature on Quikr for apartment search is Chat Now and Reply button on every property listing. I feel, this is a very useful feature. Most techies have limited time when it comes to relocating and we look for prompt replies and actions to finalize the things. But in case I don't find anything as per my requirements, there is an option to Create an Alert. I am sure, with so many features, finding an apartment won't be that difficult as it was earlier.

Next thing that I will hunt on Quikr would be handymen to help me arrange my house. A carpenter to assemble the furniture and electrician to put appliances in place. Quikr has listings for all these services and there won't be any need to rush to local market to look out for help. This would help me to settle down even while my husband would be working in office. Earlier for all these issues, I waited for the weekend when my husband went to local market in search of carpenter, plumber or electrician.

And now the most important requirement for any lady out there - maid. I was elated to find 'Maid and Housekeeping' listings on Quikr. As far as settling in a new city is concerned, half of your worries are over as soon as you find a maid. Believe me when I say, finding a maid is like hitting a jackpot! Not only for these basic needs, I would use Quikr for finding help for decorating my home. I love to bring a personalized touch to my apartment and for that I always need - wallpaper, blinds, paintings, local handicrafts. There is a comprehensive list of all such services under 'Home Lifestyle' on Quikr, which I would use to turn a house into a home.

Last but not the least, I would use Quikr to search for part time jobs related to my field. I love teaching and with a right job in hand, my moving journey would end perfectly.

And to begin with, it would be better to create an account on It would help me to keep track of my requirements, contact the sellers promptly and post my own advertisement in future. And this all will be done on a secure system where your identity is protected. Isn't it great to have one site where you can find answers to all your moving woes. With Quikr at your service, I would happily say - Let's move to Bangalore!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rediscovering my passions with P666

New Year is just around the corner and the time is here to make some resolutions to improve your way of life in the upcoming year. I have been travelling a lot from the last six years, coupled with work and family responsibilities, I hardly get time to pursue my hobbies and passions. I have lost many of the things I enjoyed because of my schedule. And as many of you know I don't carry a mobile, my only companion during my travel is my outdated iPod. If I have Micromax Canvas Tab P666, I feel I can bring back those things which I miss now. With this tablet in my hands, I can surely reignite my passions and discover some new ones.

First I would just go back to playing games, which I miss so much. I was addicted to playing video games few years back. With 1.2Ghz Intel Atom Processor and 1 Gb Ram inside this tab, I am excited to see how those guns would blare and the speeding cars would turn in my favorite games. Speed is the word when it comes to any gaming device and this tablet can bring back that action in my life and help me rediscover my passion on the move. Now, I won't be sitting in front of my computer to do that. I can do it while travelling and that too in style. Have you seen the looks of P666? It's smooth glass finish and shape is to die for. A sleek gadget will add to my fashion quotient as well.

Coming to my another passion - watching movies. I hardly get time to watch, with this tab I can watch them on the go. I always envy all those who watch movies on their tabs as it is not possible for me to do so on my tiny iPod touch. I can get back to my love for movies on P666. And also I resolve to rediscover, rather rekindle my love for reading. I have read only one book since April. With this tab, I make a resolution to go back to reading more. I have missed so much on literary front in the last many months. I can read during long travels. With this tab's amazing battery life, I can read, watch movies and surf net for many hours continuously. It will make traveling a boon for me. I can use the spare time and rediscover my passions.

Last but not the least, the top thing on my resolution list is to be more dedicated to my blog. With Micromax Canvas Tab P666 as my buddy, I can click awesome shots to go with my blog posts. With its 5 MP and 2 MP front camera, I need not borrow pictures from Google. Well, I will also join the selfie craze. I can make videos to go with my posts. And what's best is the 3G connectivity in this tablet, I can publish my posts while travelling. Rocking, isn't it?

This new year with a Micromax Canvas Tab P666, I resolve to discover and rekindle my passions. While travelling, I can update my blog, watch movies, play games and be the perfect multitasker. I hope I don't get addicted to this mean machine. 

Here's have a look at this tab and its tempting features -