Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Mixed Blessing - Helen Van Slyke

I don't like love stories but this one is a kind of love story that transcends love. Set in 1970s when being a black was still a taboo, it narrates the story of Toni who is a mulatto. Black, Mulatto; seriously I hated these words in the book but then I wondered what people went through in those days. 

It's an out and out women book with strong female characters. I like the book as there were so many lessons in it. One of many lessons, I shared on Facebook. Read it here.

Recommendation - Not a guy book, females would like it.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lost Prairie, Perished Dreams (Footnote)

I always wonder what everyone wants and the answer comes down to one word - happiness. In pursuit of happiness, we work hard, we compete, we head for greener pastures. We do almost everything but enjoy it. After reaching the destination, we realize dreams were lost in the journey. Sad but true, sigh!

Enjoy what you have before dreaming ahead!


*Read the poem here