Sunday, February 17, 2013

Food, Drape and Home (Footnote)

For almost every blogger writing is pious. And for many it is one of the basic needs, just like food, clothing and shelter. When our mind is in a state of nothingness, it serves as food. When feel alone in difficult situations, it shelters us. And when we are alone, we get warmth my penning our thoughts.

What do you think, is writing something basic to you OR something divine? Do share :)


*Read the poem here.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Art, it is - II (Footnote)

I am highly indebted to all my blogger friends who read, appreciate and provide constant encouragement. However, no one is perfect and to improve ourselves we need valuable inputs from others. I wish to improve and hence look forward to honest feedback. 

If you ask me, I would say, these lines are hard hitting for all of us,

"Walking down this aisle I peek taking a pause,
 Shall I take a bow for fake applause?"

I hope few years down the lane, we all will be more evolved, not only as writers but as bloggers as well.


*Read the poem here.

A body to die for - Kate White

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If there is one life I wish to live that would certainly be of Bailey's. She is the protagonist who has super cool life, contacts of all necessary and solves murder mysteries. You would love to read her, how she feels, her wit which she outpours with little or no remorse.

Though the book gets dull at some moments but the ending of each chapter gets you hooked. Not the best murder mysteries I have read but certainly a super read.

Recommendation - YES