Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mommy Santa ~ Ho, Ho, Ho!

To My Unborn Child ~

Flipping the news channels,
Awing at the baby commercials,
Your Mommy plans someday.
What would she gift you on your 3rd birthday?

Inviting friends from your Play School,
Tricycle with cake of your favorite cartoon.
Morning Puja in the temple,
And evening party with balloons.
Imbibing Social Values at outset.
Social manners add to your growth chart...
You should never forget.

A Doll House or Lego,
Maybe, an iPad for your rocking generation.
Or choose the Best of Schools,
To build your foundation.
Hang on, when I was 6...
I missed reading story books at that age.
Gift of Reading would be perfect,
To nurture you at that stage.

You won't be born with a silver spoon,
But surely will have privileges many.
Trip to the nearest slum on turning 13,
To teach you value of each penny.
Life is a hard taskmaster, be a better student.
Gift of Wisdom to you, to be prudent.

Will take all rides in an amusement park,
Your Mom will shed all her inhibitions.
On your 18th birthday, I promise,
I Gift You to be Fearless and stand by your decisions.
For headstrong people, opportunities smile.
Unabashed march into future, My Darling Child.

For I'll be really old,
You will be young at 26.
What to gift you to match your uber-cool life?
Your old mother would be in a fix.
To protect you and your family from Financial unseens.
Subscription Gift of Forbes India magazine.

~ Would be, Mommy…

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