Saturday, February 2, 2013

Art, it is - II (Footnote)

I am highly indebted to all my blogger friends who read, appreciate and provide constant encouragement. However, no one is perfect and to improve ourselves we need valuable inputs from others. I wish to improve and hence look forward to honest feedback. 

If you ask me, I would say, these lines are hard hitting for all of us,

"Walking down this aisle I peek taking a pause,
 Shall I take a bow for fake applause?"

I hope few years down the lane, we all will be more evolved, not only as writers but as bloggers as well.


*Read the poem here.


  1. Your poem is brilliant! I am honestly jealous that you write so well

    1. Glad you like the work but honestly, I am jealous of your style quotient. Wish I can be somewhere close to you :)

  2. Your poems are touching Saru......

    Visit my blog for a surprise.

  3. Thats true.
    The comments/suggestions/inputs by fellow bloggers are something that I always look for.
    I know of a blogger who wrote to me a separate mail to tell me about the grammatical mistake that I had made in one of my posts.
    I not only corrected the post, but it also helped me to never make that mistake in my life.

    1. Yeah, when we use this medium to grow, nothing can beat that. :)