Sunday, March 10, 2013

67% Discounted (Footnote)

In the time of universal deceit, telling a truth is a revolutionary act - George Orwell

But the more important question is do we believe anything others say? No, we don't. A simple statement is put to so much of a thought for various reasons. Here are some I found, share yours...

Cut 25% - World is so corrupt that we kill a fact on the face of it. We hardly believe what other's say.
Cut 15% - We kill someone's trust, someone kills ours and we end up questioning the purity of each other.
Cut 10% - Almost everything from coffee to puja items are branded, commercialisation has killed almost everything. Try finding truth in the statement, 'I love You.'
Cut 15% - And for this credit goes purely to us, this is our personal and psychological side.
2% is the surcharge.

*Read the poem here.