Monday, April 15, 2013

The 500 - Matthew Quirk

Girls love bad boys and bad boys love bad things but what happens when a bad boy with a criminal record vows to do good; 'The 500' is about twist of characters and much more. Set in Washington DC, this book transports you to a world where crime is committed to pocket influential people. The hero, Mike slogs to make some place in 'Good World' but finds things are murkier behind the curtains.

To save himself, he lands in a swamp and plot thickens. Breaking a lock, tracking his boss and coning someone to get things right follows next. Basically he is Neal Caffery with an enormous dose of blood and bullets. What I found most entertaining was splash of humor in desperate situations, for instance, when Mike goes to a hotel where pimps, drug dealers and prostitutes is a common sight, he tells you how bad it is but ends in saying, 'Hey! Free HBO'

Read this book for action, humor and details but mostly for the victory of good over bad.

My tweet to the author of this book

20th Century Fox has bought the rights of this book, so in case you don't want to read, you can watch the movie later.

Recommendation - YES

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