Monday, November 24, 2014

Who bells the Fat Cat, wins!

I am not a big fan of lottery. Luck has never been on my side, you see. But I love games and crunching numbers; it sets my adrenaline high. So, when I saw Lucky 6 by Fat Cat on Indiblogger, I was intrigued. Why Lucky 6, I wondered? I downloaded it on my iPad to unravel the mystery and boy, I was thrilled! It's a dream game for all those who love to trade in stock market. If you are bored of racing cars, killing pigs and crushing candies, it's like a breath of fresh air.

After I downloaded it, I created my account using my email. This is how my profile looks - 

My Dashboard on Lucky 6

Next step was to figure out 'how to play' this game. It is quite self-explanatory, I would say. All you have to do is select 6 brands. From international corporations to Indian multinationals, from auto majors to FMCG companies and from Dabur to Coca-cola; all well known names are on the list. After you've selected 6 brands, the wait begins... This game runs on the day stock market opens around the globe. It's called - The Game Day. For player's convenience, App shows how much time is left till the next game.

Day 1 - Selection

So, the next question is - how the top 6 brands are selected? Is it because that particular brand performed better in stock market OR that brand was picked by maximum number of people? Answer is - top 6 brands are the ones with the highest move in their stock price on the game day. If your choice matches the top 6, you win. Simple, isn't it? Sadly, none of the stocks I selected were among the top 6. And my score was 202. Like - I selected ICICI Bank from Banking sector but that particular day, Kotak Mahindra Bank performed better and was among the top 6. 

Play 1 - Result

While I was searching more about this game, I landed on this video on Have a look at it -

Fat Cat™ - Crowdfunding Proposition from Fat Cat Gaming on Vimeo.

In the video, CEO of SHM Entertainment Ltd, explains the simplicity of this game. It's a step ahead from the traditional lottery system. Instead of picking numbers, you pick your favorite brands. This game is launched in India first and I brimmed with pride to hear that they are using bloggers to help them market it. Also, I learnt - it's more of a social game. If you invite your friends and family to play with you, you can win more. The more, the merrier - as they say. So, instead of sending Candy Crush Saga or FarmVille request, invite your friends to play Lucky 6 on Facebook. No one will curse you for sending request of a game in which they can hit a jackpot. You see, who doesn't like to win money while tapping their phone a few times. Share it on Facebook, Twitter or simply email it to your friends. Play, share and be a real game changer!

In their words... 
"If you introduce a friend to the game, they automatically become part of your ‘Crowd”.  When it comes to the Jackpot, if one of your “Crowd” is lucky enough to have picked the correct combo, you will still win … a bonus prize equal to 25% of the Jackpot paid to your friend.  Now that is worth sharing."

Now after understanding its working and concept of Crowdfunding, I was all set to play it better. I rested heavily on my intuition and kept my fingers crossed while selecting brands for play 2. This time I played with different stocks and when I was writing this post, there were couple of hours left for the game to begin. There is also QuizApp, a game where you have to answer few simple general knowledge questions but it is an upcoming feature. Anyway, I played and answered 3 simple questions for fun.

QuizApp - Coming Soon...

The most important thing - what do we win? It's cash and vacation around the globe. How very tempting!

So now, I will play more, invite more friends and hopefully win a jackpot. This game is exciting and for a stock market buff like me, it's thrilling to witness the movements of your selected brands and finally knowing which stock performed better at the end of the day. Even if your selection doesn't make it to the top 6 list, it increases your knowledge. While trading stocks online, play this game and add fun to your experience; not to forget the chance of hitting the jackpot. A win-win situation for me. It's a game meant to change the way people spend time on their phone and I am so looking forward to play it daily. And it's much more better than the traditional lottery system, it keeps the player on the edge when the game is in play. 

So, what are you all waiting for, download and play it. Who knows, you'll be the next to hit the jackpot! 

Click here to download.