Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sacred Sins - Nora Roberts

Every kind of story has a format. In love stories, a boy meets girl, there is a problem and love eventually wins. Now, the process and characters makes it interesting. In mystery novels, you have murders, a killer on the loose and 2 or 3 suspects. But, in this mystery novel I narrowed the killer in first few pages. So, there was only one thrill for me - to check whether I was right or wrong!

Characters are so predictable and what's worse, there is no honesty to them, barring the dead brother of the hero. When hero-herione kiss, it's not passionate. When they fight, there is no intensity. There is no sparkling chemistry between them.

When the final twist came, I knew I guessed the killer right! So, there was no need to read the rest of the pages but I did, as I respect Nora Roberts a lot.

Recommendation - NO, scan the newspaper for thrill instead.

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