Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Mushroom Man - Sophie Powell

Without doubt, this book has the easiest narration. Even a 12 year old can read it. It took me back to my growing up days when I fantasized about fairies and angels but sadly there is nothing beyond that. Lily, the girl around whom the novel revolves goes missing and is found 2 days later by her teenage cousins.  That's it! 

Lily is a test tube baby, her mother knows her husband is sleeping with 23 year old maid and she dislikes almost everyone. Chirpy triplet cousins, older cousin who makes love with his girlfriend almost everywhere, Lily's aunt who is, I don't know what! Wait, the maid who is sleeping for money, goes through such a drastic change that she leaves Tiffany diamond earrings when she finally leaves, really?

I hoped to read some layering in characters and plot but nothing. So much so, I have nothing more to write about this novel. 

Recommendation - No

Happy Reading, 


  1. OK taking a cue from you I will not read it :-(

    1. Ah! You read it if you want. Actually I write book reviews here as I forget which book I read and what was in it. It's my online journal.