Friday, January 3, 2014

We, the Change

Do you have any complaint against our system? I bet, you do! In fact, not one but many. If asked how is our country? ...Most of us will end up saying, '100 mein se 99 beimaan, fir bhi mera Bharat mahaan,' with satire and smile on our face. Are we taking pride in our misery or being simply helpless? Well, in my opinion we shouldn't feel either of it. We should just ACT.

With every third person in Indian city being a youth, we are marching towards being the youngest country in the world by 2020. Thus, change for us lies in the hands of those young souls. But, how would we propel Indian youth busy charting their own future to do something for their motherland? This is surely not the era of wearing khadi and shouting slogans. They spend most of their time completing assignments, writing an impressive resume, searching for jobs and unwinding with family and friends. So, we have to talk to them in the language they understand and more importantly on the medium they spend most of their time on.

If "charkha" was the symbol of our freedom, then modern day sleek gadget "mobile" will become the symbol of change. And here's how - by using mobile social media apps to spread awareness and infusing positive energy in Indian youth.

I truly believe in the influence of celebrities on young minds. Recently we have witnessed many videos propagating social messages going viral. Be it Nandita Das quelling the hype over fair skin or Kalki Koechlin's satirical take on rape.To encourage Youth of India to vote, we must pitch in Youth Icons and create an impactful video on how voting can change the society and share it through social media apps. It should reinforce the fact that we have the wherewithal to bring order in society. And that wherewithal lies in the Power of Voting. Celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar and Ranbir Kapoor have compelling influence on young minds and videos featuring them would infuse change in their minds when shared on social media apps. It should lead to the belief - We, the Change. After all, all that is ever changed is fuelled by passion, and streamed and executed by youth. Youth has the power to bring the ever needed breath of fresh air, the much needed change.

Few months back, I was irked with the number of 'Facebook Page Like' requests on my account. Even my timeline was flooded with pictures and status of Aam Aadmi Party. To be really honest, I thought it was just a craze or fad. Can one man change the dynamics of Nation's capital? I miserably failed to understand that it was not a single man but the power of social media, of Indian youth. To repeat what has happened in Delhi in the entire country, we must share the good work of AAP on social media apps. Nothing encourages people than true stories. Last week compensation of Rs 1 Crore was announced for a slain Delhi constable's family. I saw my cousin from a remote town in Himachal sharing it on Facebook saying - 'AAP ko vote karo aur shaheedo ko note do.' Though AAP is still in its infancy, but such anecdotes can drive anyone to the Polling Booths.

There are a million apps - from apps that help you to conceive a baby to the ones that help you live longer. However, social media apps influence people exponentially. What each of us can do is post a picture or status on our profiles when we vote. As they say, 'Action speaks louder than words.' It can influence people in our network to exercise their right and be a responsible citizen. Also, on apps like WeChat, we can invite our friends using group chats living in the same area to go voting with us. If we can hang out virtually, why don't we organize ourselves virtually to bring our country back on track. For a Nation which has lost faith in its leaders, we can't leave any stone unturned to restore it. Just Act - Exercise your right and vote.

Last year New York City introduced a social app for voting. Akin to Amazon, main purpose of this app is to bring voting and its process closer to people. As we are still far behind as a nation, we can only use what's available and put it to the best use. With the stunning example of Delhi and Indian General Elections ahead of us, we must use this tiny gadget to change the course of future. Use social media apps on your mobile to share, influence and encourage youth to vote and make "mobile" the symbol of change. As the President of US, Barrack Obama said, 'Yes, We Can!' Let's believe in ourselves and be a part of the new chapter of our country. Trust me, with the Power of Voting, We surely can...

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  1. Very inspiring and motivating post Maam! I loved the sayings and proverbs you included in between...All the best :)

  2. good one Saru :) ya AAP is certainly doing some good things since they are new and they are in power now :) Lets hope for the best and yes mobile can bring a change in polling system :) All the best :)

  3. Gem of a post...very relevant and very much to the point! Cheers :)

  4. Visiting you always refreshes my mind...Lovely and inspiring post Saru :) I voted for the first time, this year in my state (MP) assembly elections...and I'm very excited about being a participant of 2014 general elections...All the very best :)

    P.S. I'm deeply in love with the name of your blog... :)

  5. A real motivating post Saru. Keep it up.
    All the best.

  6. Well said. Hope in future, actual voting itself may happen via mobile/online

  7. Relevant Post, Saru. Nicely presented.
    Mobiles can 'change the course of future'.
    Best wishes for the contest :)

  8. Hmm - I hope people find the right balance between informing and enthusing people AND unwarranted and perpetual intrusion into their privacy :)

    ATB for the contest Saru!

  9. a very relevent post -----and let me confess ----I just couldnt understand the contest topic -----this post has made things a lot more clear

    loved reading it---all the best for the contest

    and liked that -""-Now we shall .......or............worth reading """:)

  10. Very relevant and inspiring write up.

  11. We used to hear that if youth comes in politics, the scienario would change. Many of our so called young leaders in power have done little to change the system....they have become muke follower of their old leaders! There is lot of hope from AAP but people, media & journalists must give them time & chance to deliver.

  12. @Everyone - Good to read your views on this topic and thanks for sharing it here.

    For the wishes and compliments - A big thank you :)

    1. An excellent write up, makes me wish I were 60 years younger!
      Thanks for voting my blog'Pinchability quotient'.

  13. glad to connect through Indiblogger. You've said it so well. It isn't mobile phones or smart apps that can change the way things are.

  14. True, we should fully utilize the power of instant connectivity!