Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sorry… Again? Can he purge his sins? ~ Amit Singh

A small town boy who lives in a parallel world of goodness. He refrains from using the word 'breast', he conveniently addresses it as upper part of the body. He is so cautious in the presence of woman he loves, that he won't utter the word 'sex'; though she knocks at his door late at night and asks for cigarettes. This is our protagonist - Sid. Yes, he is a good boy with an ordinary life but he has done something which he terms as sin. Now, this book is about that one thing he has done wrong, and his ever-so-lost girlfriend, Mallika.

Mallika or Anushka is an enigma. She has a shaded past and a present, which looks very contrived. She is a lost soul and seems like holding so many things within herself that author has even written a chapter titled - Mysterious Girl for her. Between the two of them, the narration moves - sometimes it arouses your curiosity, sometimes it seems unrealistic and sometimes it's just plain. But one thing that keeps you hooked are beautiful parts of writing, which not only shows the author's ability to bring beauty to words but also charm. Read these -

"Memories not so old that warrant manifestation of their existence, yet not so recent as to manifest themselves in my pain, but they left behind indelible scar"

AND, my favorite -

"You should not continuously keep the spotlight on a particular incident otherwise its shadow will grow and one day it will become so large that it will eclipse your present."

In the opening pages of the book, author writes about his stay in Kolkata in such moving words that it almost seems like he is leaving his better half. And as you reach to the last pages you will find all the answers to the mystery and a happy ending, AND between that you can excuse the typing errors and low moments for a wonderful weekend read this book is.

Recommendation - Yes!

Happy reading,

P. S. - I so love chapter titles in this book.

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