Thursday, December 18, 2014

Vacation Redefined With Kids

Vacations are always fun but what makes it all the more enjoyable is the company of kids. They bring an extra dose of cheer to any trip. Their energy level is unmatched and with them, you never have a dull moment in your vacation. There were few places which we covered with our friend's children and without doubt, those vacations were the best. Our trip to Point Pleasant on Jersey Shore this summer scores high on fun quotient, courtesy the presence of children with us and around us. Instead of sitting and soaking sun or strolling on the beach, we participated in all the fun activities. I felt as if their presence have redefined the meaning of vacation. We had truck loads of fun riding these along with our friends' kids - Moby Dick, Super Himalaya and Swing and Wave Swinger. Had we gone alone, we would have strolled and ate pizza. In their company, I revisited my childhood that day!

Moby Dick

Super Himalaya

Swing and Wave Swinger

And the Train Ride which goes along the entire boardwalk area just adds 'Alice In Wonderland' effect to the whole experience. You have to stop when the train passes in any interaction. This trip to Jersey Shore was just magical, with kids bringing music with their laughter and their excitement keeping the fun level always on the high. This is without a doubt the best vacation I have had till date. All because of the presence of children, which added a magical effect to it.

Train passing through the boardwalk

Not only in the amusement parks or in arcades, children add a whole new meaning to the vacation with their presence even in places like aquarium. With their never ending desire to learn more and never ending question list, they can make even 'Seal Feeding' a complete activity in itself. When we went to Jenkinson's Aquarium, we had the most fun at 'Seal Feeding' activity, where children were asking questions to the trainers. It kept us hooked to that place for nearly half an hour. 

Seal feeding at Jenkinson's

But it's not as easy at is seems. When you are planning a trip with children, you have to keep them occupied and entertained so that you can also enjoy yourself. When we went to New York City along with our friends and their kids, we made sure to visit the Bryant Park before going to Times Square or shopping at Macy's. We spent enough time in the activities they enjoy - we let them skate at the ice skating ring in Bryant park, gave them carousel ride till they had enough and fed them ice-cream. In addition to the games and rides, one must treat the kids with their favorite food, that will make it a perfect experience for them and for you as well. 

 Ice skating at Bryant Park

Carousel ride and ice cream at Bryant Park

If you take them to the places where they don't enjoy, then your trip won't be that much fun. In fact, it will be more of a task, then a vacation. We went hiking with our friends and their daughter, it was so boring for her that we had to bribe her with a chocolate even to pose to the picture. It was a task to keep her moving and entertained. 

Bored Nakshatra during our Blue Hills trip

Afterwards, whenever we planned a vacation with kids, we made sure that we did all this -

  • Keep them occupied in the fun activities. Even if you are going site seeing, make sure to take them to some kids places, like we did in our New York trip.
  • Bring their favorite toy or gadget to keep them busy during the travel. Else they will be bored during the travel time. And pack their snacks too.
  • Choose interactive games and activities, where the entire family can enjoy. It will make it all the more memorable and fun.
  • Feed and pamper them with their favorite food, like ice cream, candies and pizza.
  • Keep on asking them what they want. Keep them involved and let them choose
  • If possible, choose hotels which have some play area in them. There are many resorts and hotels which have special swimming pools and parks for kids. Make even the stay enjoyable for kids.

If you take children on any vacation and make sure to keep them entertained with their activities, even your vacation experience will be amazing. You will feel that your vacation experience is redefined with more fun and laughter in their presence.

*This post is written for #TravelWithKids campaign sponsored by Club Mahindra.


  1. Super pics. Great holiday, Saru :)
    I agree with all the points you have shared to help plan a vacation with kids.

  2. Seems like a lovely trip Saru !