Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rediscovering my passions with P666

New Year is just around the corner and the time is here to make some resolutions to improve your way of life in the upcoming year. I have been travelling a lot from the last six years, coupled with work and family responsibilities, I hardly get time to pursue my hobbies and passions. I have lost many of the things I enjoyed because of my schedule. And as many of you know I don't carry a mobile, my only companion during my travel is my outdated iPod. If I have Micromax Canvas Tab P666, I feel I can bring back those things which I miss now. With this tablet in my hands, I can surely reignite my passions and discover some new ones.

First I would just go back to playing games, which I miss so much. I was addicted to playing video games few years back. With 1.2Ghz Intel Atom Processor and 1 Gb Ram inside this tab, I am excited to see how those guns would blare and the speeding cars would turn in my favorite games. Speed is the word when it comes to any gaming device and this tablet can bring back that action in my life and help me rediscover my passion on the move. Now, I won't be sitting in front of my computer to do that. I can do it while travelling and that too in style. Have you seen the looks of P666? It's smooth glass finish and shape is to die for. A sleek gadget will add to my fashion quotient as well.

Coming to my another passion - watching movies. I hardly get time to watch, with this tab I can watch them on the go. I always envy all those who watch movies on their tabs as it is not possible for me to do so on my tiny iPod touch. I can get back to my love for movies on P666. And also I resolve to rediscover, rather rekindle my love for reading. I have read only one book since April. With this tab, I make a resolution to go back to reading more. I have missed so much on literary front in the last many months. I can read during long travels. With this tab's amazing battery life, I can read, watch movies and surf net for many hours continuously. It will make traveling a boon for me. I can use the spare time and rediscover my passions.

Last but not the least, the top thing on my resolution list is to be more dedicated to my blog. With Micromax Canvas Tab P666 as my buddy, I can click awesome shots to go with my blog posts. With its 5 MP and 2 MP front camera, I need not borrow pictures from Google. Well, I will also join the selfie craze. I can make videos to go with my posts. And what's best is the 3G connectivity in this tablet, I can publish my posts while travelling. Rocking, isn't it?

This new year with a Micromax Canvas Tab P666, I resolve to discover and rekindle my passions. While travelling, I can update my blog, watch movies, play games and be the perfect multitasker. I hope I don't get addicted to this mean machine. 

Here's have a look at this tab and its tempting features - 

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