Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Quick Solution to my Moving Woes - Quikr

I lived in Ulsoor, Bangalore for close to nine months. We rented a fully furnished apartment that time. It was an easy move but it lacked the personal feel. So, if I ever move to Bangalore again, I would like to set up the entire house on my own. And, I have heard Quikr can help me with every aspect of it - from looking for an apartment to pet care and from buying a car to hiring a handyman. It lets you buy, sell and post a requirement. It's secure and gives you a sea of options to choose from. 

The first step in my relocating journey would be to search for a apartment on rent. I would use Quikr, which has updated listings and all the filters one needs to define the apartment search - location, price range, type, area, photos and my personal favorite - postings listed by individuals, brokers and builders separately. I have had a bad experience dealing with brokers when I moved to Noida. So, now I avoid them. The best feature on Quikr for apartment search is Chat Now and Reply button on every property listing. I feel, this is a very useful feature. Most techies have limited time when it comes to relocating and we look for prompt replies and actions to finalize the things. But in case I don't find anything as per my requirements, there is an option to Create an Alert. I am sure, with so many features, finding an apartment won't be that difficult as it was earlier.

Next thing that I will hunt on Quikr would be handymen to help me arrange my house. A carpenter to assemble the furniture and electrician to put appliances in place. Quikr has listings for all these services and there won't be any need to rush to local market to look out for help. This would help me to settle down even while my husband would be working in office. Earlier for all these issues, I waited for the weekend when my husband went to local market in search of carpenter, plumber or electrician.

And now the most important requirement for any lady out there - maid. I was elated to find 'Maid and Housekeeping' listings on Quikr. As far as settling in a new city is concerned, half of your worries are over as soon as you find a maid. Believe me when I say, finding a maid is like hitting a jackpot! Not only for these basic needs, I would use Quikr for finding help for decorating my home. I love to bring a personalized touch to my apartment and for that I always need - wallpaper, blinds, paintings, local handicrafts. There is a comprehensive list of all such services under 'Home Lifestyle' on Quikr, which I would use to turn a house into a home.

Last but not the least, I would use Quikr to search for part time jobs related to my field. I love teaching and with a right job in hand, my moving journey would end perfectly.

And to begin with, it would be better to create an account on bangalore.quikr.com. It would help me to keep track of my requirements, contact the sellers promptly and post my own advertisement in future. And this all will be done on a secure system where your identity is protected. Isn't it great to have one site where you can find answers to all your moving woes. With Quikr at your service, I would happily say - Let's move to Bangalore!