Thursday, May 14, 2015

One App, Many Benefits

Mobile connectivity has played a major role in my personal life. You see, my parents live in Himachal and not all mobile providers have service in their area. Even with the ones that are operating, there is always some or other problem, barring Airtel. So, no prize for guessing, Airtel is my favorite when it comes to cellular providers in India. In fact, I have tried all the companies, but eventually came back to them. So much so, that I have used their internet and TV packages. They have great service and their products always have an edge. No wonder, the new #MyAirtelApp has many awesome features, which can change the way one use their cell phone.

Though all the features of this app are good, but there are these three that suits my lifestyle and they will surely enhance my smartphone experience. What tops my list is ‘I Want To’ feature - a shortcut of features that one uses most. A list of features that someone uses more frequently are stored on home screen. This will definitely help me to save time and will also serve as a gentle reminder of things to be done… like - recharging cell phone balance, bill payments and checking the data usage. I have the habit of making ‘things to do’ list, but with this feature one thing will permanently go off it, as I will have a visual reminder on my cellphone.

Next feature is the coolest of all. Shake feature that gives you great offers available for your number simply by shaking your phone. I think everyone must be using this feature for sure. With 'shake', there is no need to store those text messages or ask your local shopkeepers about the recharge offers available for your number, just shake your phone and there, you have it. Adding to it, now you can recharge your account instantly through this app. This app comes with secure payment system and will allow you recharge, check payment history and check data usage wherever and whenever you want. There is no need to open your account and check these details when it is just few clicks away. Out of all these easy recharge, easy payment options, best for me is - recharge your DTH. It’s like managing almost everything with one simple app.

Last is Airtel Surprises - this is a unique promotional way to get the best offers and discounts on your preferred brands. After every recharge, there flashes a coupon that you can redeem against your purchase. There are coupons of various categories - shopping, food, health, wellness and entertainment. Best is these coupons are of well known brands. What else a shopaholic like me can ask for! These are indeed some happy surprises by #MyAirtelApp.

Also there is one feature that I would love to explore in my free time - Wyk. Wyk’ing’ allows users to search, stream and download their favorite songs. We all download songs to our system and then, on our phone. With Wyk’ing’ we can directly save our favorite songs on my phone, which we use 24X7. You see, #MyAirtelApp can be used for many purposes, it is useful and can keep us informed and entertained. If you are an Airtel user, download it on your devices and make the best use of it.