Monday, April 13, 2015

Smartphone 2.0

I love technology, it has made our lives super easy and fun. One can connect and work at ease, without the restriction of time and place. But, there are certain downside to it too, like - battery takes too much time to charge, pictures from phone camera are not as good as we would expect, phone hangs in between browsing. It is exactly in such moments we wish for a better smartphone than what we already have to redefine our smartphone experience. Don’t we? So ladies and gentlemen, don’t bother, there is a phone to answer all your problems - ASUS Zenfone 2. It's such an incredible phone that it can give all other phones a run for their money and make your smartphone experience totally rocking. Here are few things I love about this phone -

Fast Charging - This phone has 4 GB RAM and apparently the first smartphone to have this much of it. Now, I don’t understand the technical mumbo-jumbo but in simple words, it makes the smartphone really smart. We can charge this phone up to 60% in less than 40 minutes. For me, that makes it a complete stellar. Imagine you get up late and forget to charge your phone at night and you have only half an hour to get ready. Now, till the time to take a quick shower and breakfast, your phone is charged enough to last the day. Totally amazing!

Brighter Pictures - Last year we went to Rhode Island and I was looking forward to capture the pristine landscapes of this beautiful state, but wait, as luck would have it, our camera stopped working. Then, we had no other option but to take pictures from our phone and the pictures were not of good quality, especially the ones at dusk and dawn. With Zenfone 2, you can make any picture come alive and brighter as it has this low light mode for such moments. This is what I call a real smartphone, the one that redefines the whole experience of a smartphone. It also has many other camera features for selfies and panoramic clicks.

Dual Action - I like to carry two numbers - one for family and one for work. No, Zenfone 2 is not a simple dual sim phone. It has this lucid feature, where you can switch between two calls between two numbers - place one on hold to answer another. You can answer all the calls and keep everyone happy. How cool is that? They call it ‘Dual-SIM capacity with Dual Active technology.’

Bling it on - We girls love to accessorize and this goes for everything, even our phones. We love to flaunt a jazzy phone cover and fashionable stickers. With Zenfone we can add technology to our fashion statement, like having a PowerBank of the size of a credit card, that would store all our information. Or have a smart phone cover that is useable and fashionable at the same time.

Great Looks with Comfort - Unlike some box-like smartphones, Zenfone 2 is designed to keep style and comfort in mind. It has 5.5 full HD display and a smooth metal finish. Even the buttons for sound and control are placed for comfort, just in place for index finger making it easier for us to navigate and feel in control. With my earlier phone, I had the trouble of finding the volume control. I face the same issue with my iPod too.

With such an amazing list of features, I feel Zenfone 2, can redefine the smartphone experience for me. Comfort, style, speed and better performance - four things that makes a smartphone really smart and Zenfone 2 has all these in abundance.


  1. Truly an amazing phone; I have been a Zenfone fan and user - can't wait :D :)