Sunday, February 15, 2015

Loves You, Unconditionally!

Men are from mars and women are from venus. No wonder, men don’t understand the depth of our emotions. We need to be pampered, loved and we want our man to be with us 24X7, at least on special days. Sigh, such a simple demand fell on deaf ears and my husband refused to alter his ‘Saturday’ routine this Valentine’s Day. So, I opted for something special and I did everything I ever wanted to make this day perfect. With #UnconditionalLove, it spent the entire day with me. It was my ideal Valentine. It was none other than - ASUS  Zenfone!

Compliments Galore 
I bought a lovely red dress a few days back. It would have gone waste, had it not been for the superb camera of my Zenfone. When I ask my husband, ‘How do I look?’ All I got is a mild ‘OK’. With High resolution camera and PixelMaster of Zenfone, I clicked many selfies and shared it with my friends on Facebook. When I wanted to know how I looked, I could just peep into Zenfone’s eyes and I got all the answers. Like a perfect Gentleman, he answered all my questions with patience and helped me win compliments on social media. Wish my man this much patience.

Unlimited Laughter and Fun
We chatted endlessly. Not with each other, rather I chatted through my Zenfone on my messenger with my single friends. I had loads of fun on twitter too. With the Intel Atom processor inside it, it works at a lightning speed. I was on a tweet marathon on #ValentinesDay. And I didn’t feel alone even for a minute. Courtesy Zenfone, I laughed nonstop for hours together. There is nothing better than ‘humor’ to fill the Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Movie Date
When I got bored and tired of tweeting and chatting, I cozied with my Zenfone on my couch and watched a RomCom on it. With its amazingly long lasting battery life and super responsiveness, my evening just lit up. I downloaded the Netflix app and watched Pretty Women for the nth time. That was one of the most romantic things I did so far on Valentine’s Day. I knew my husband would never watch it with me when Cricket World Cup is in action. He just watches the live match or catches the highlights of earlier matches. Zenfone was calm like a Zen and threw no male tantrums. 

A Romantic Meal in the Evening
After watching the movie when I was in no mood to order pizza, Zenfone acted as a Trainer Chef. I surfed many fancy recipes on it. The Hyper Threading Technology in it made it so easy to surf through the high resolution Pinterest images. I was in awe of its performance. Finally, I cooked a sumptuous meal with the help of my Zenfone. I bet, no man has that much patience to wait for half an hour when his wife scrolls through the Pinterest page.

Oh, the Looks!
Well, have you seen any of the Zenfone? It’s slim and sleek. The ceramic touch of his body is to die-for. Holding it in your hands is a delight. Its smooth edges and vibrant colors makes it a perfect match for fun loving girls. In the department of looks, nothing beats ASUS Zenfone on this Valentine’s Day. And no wonder, many are saying it is an #IdealValentine.

I dressed up, I laughed, received compliments, gorged on a tasty meal, cuddled and watched a movie with my Zenfone. What else one would want from their Valentine! 

Dear Zenfone, Be Mine Forever!


  1. Wonderfully written. Ideal valentine, eh? Your husband would be jealous of the phone now. :P :)

  2. hahaha! I envy the phone. Cos, even my wifey carries the one mentioned here and ya, I am dumped for the phone.

  3. Haha, now he will know never to say no to his woman!! :p :P