Friday, February 27, 2015

Quikr NXT for my Next Car!

My father believes in upgrading electronics and vehicles every few years. He says that newer technology is better, but I feel, he loves to change the look of everything he owns. This habit has rubbed on to me as well, I too upgrade electronics and vehicles with better and newer versions. My car is pretty old and if I want to replace it with a newer one, I would do it using the quickest and most reliable method online and who else that would be except for - Quikr NXT.

First, I have to sell the one which I am driving right now. So, to begin with I will post an advertisement to sell my car on Quikr NXT. I will create an ad, which is pretty easy, just click the ‘Post Free Ad’ button and it will guide you through the entire process. I like the form which opens as it spells out each and every dimension that is required to post a sell ad - model, mileage, insurance, city, locality, photo, brand, kilometers driven, to say a few. It has one feature that caught my eye - Check MSP, which shows the right price you could ask. Also, you can post an ad in 30 seconds, depending upon your typing speed, of course. For those who are in a hurry to sell their car and buy another, they can use Premium Ad feature. But, I am no hurry. So, I will just post an ad and will move to the next step.

Creating Ad on Quikr NXT

Then, I will search for cars on Quikr NXT. Now there are two ways of doing so on Quikr NXT. Either - you can surf the website, using the brand name and fuel types as a filter. Or - You can create an Ad Alert. I would love to explore what all is available in the market right now, may be, I would find a better deal. There are many search options in doing so - I can narrow my search on year, fuel type, brand, price, when the ad was posted, color, model etc. If I don’t find anything tempting or worthy, then I would post an ad alert. 

Creating an ad alert is rather simple. All you have to do is to select -
- Car and bikes
- Then, subcategory - car
- Most interesting - I want to buy OR I want to sell OR I want to sell and buy; which would serve my purpose, if I don’t find anything after browsing through the existing offers.
- Price Range
- Brand
- Year 
- City
Then, the personal information - Email and Mobile Number. 

Creating an Ad Alert

I guess, with these many options and ways to both sell and buy a new car, I could replace my existing car with ease and less hassles.  So, as far as I am concerned, I will first try to browse Quikr NXT and post my ad to sell. If I don’t get anything interesting, then I will create my ad alert. And I hope I could find something which is better than what I own now and hopefully, without shedding my pocket heavily.

*Image Source - Quikr NXT

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