Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Bucket List

Life is very demanding. As we grow old, we are burdened with responsibilities and we forget to live our life. There is so much on our shoulders that we actually kill or snub our desires. Someone has rightly said - Growing up is a trap! Wish life was a little easy and there are less worries of future, so that I too can live #BefikarUmarBhar. My bucket list is rather long but if I have the liberty to spend as I like and indulge myself in the dares that thrill me, I would attempt a few from the list.

What tops the list of things I would do, if I have no worry of future is Skydiving. I love adventure sports. There is a different kind of high one gets when you challenge yourself to new limits. Even pushing yourself to newer limits sounds super exciting to me. Skydiving is super exciting but my problem is with my weird palpitation graph, no one will allow me. To be really honest, even I am tad bit scared of getting hurt or hospitalised. Why bother family for one thrill? I think about hospital bills and the agony I might put my family through if I push the envelope beyond my physical abilities.

Next is of course buying a solitaire. I am crazy about three things - diamonds, perfumes and nail paints. Everytime I browse net for two carat flawless diamond, my mouth waters. I take a sheet out and write ways I could arrange a large sum. But even if I could manage, I am not reckless to invest a large sum of money in one piece of jewelry. If I have no worry of my future obligations, I will empty all accounts, exhaust all credit cards limits, take personal loan and pamper myself with a big piece of rock, that is - flawless, round and shiny.

Travel is one thing I am passionate about. I do take short trips with my family as and when I get time but my dream vacation destination is French Riviera. I don’t want to go there for 5-6 days. Instead with no worry of home, work and blog, I want to spend at least a month there - strolling on the pristine streets, trying different dishes, learning art and living like a free soul. Don’t laugh if I tell you that I even dreamt about it twice. And for days after that I surfed nearly all websites selling French Riviera vacation packages. But like everything else, this seems to be a distant dream.

I am ‘odd one out’ in my family. Everyone in my family is an expert swimmer except for me. Every summer I plan and like most of my plans, they exist only in my journal. I just want to learn swimming and go scuba diving in the Caribbean. I make a promise to myself almost every summer but I end up tearing all the brochures during Diwali cleaning. Phew! This is one thing in my bucket list that show my laziness too. But this summer, I will learn swimming for sure. In fact, I am losing weight to fit into a swimsuit. Without caring about how I look in that swimsuit, I will learn and free my lazy bones.

Among the top five things is something I am very passionate about. But time is such a big constraint that I am neglecting it for some free days and truck loads of money. I know, many will say - you need to make time for your dreams. I want to write a short story book even before I started blogging and sell it in my own cafe. Yes, I want to open my own Book Cafe. Writing that book must precede the opening of cafe. And I would love to give same name to my book and cafe. Such a twisted dream! For anyone reading this post, I make lovely chocolate fudge and cold coffee. 

So, these are top 5 things in my bucket list. How about yours, do share? To know ways to live #BefikarUmarBhar, check  http://bit.ly/BefikarUmarBhar.


  1. I hope you get to do the things in your bucket list. Skydiving, scuba diving are on my bucket list, too. I'll love to visit your book cafe. Books are my most favourite things in the world. :D

    1. For all my blogger friends, one coffee would be complimentary. I pray, it comes true. Books are my favorite things too. Thanks for reading, Kiran. :)

  2. I have done sky diving and its is a lovely experience .. all the best Saru for everything ..

    and i jsut read you going to give coffee ok ok i am coming over


    1. I know, I am dying to try it. And yes, you are most welcome to my Cafe (whenever, wherever) :)