Monday, March 23, 2015

Kellogg's waale Guptaji

I love cooking - trying my hands at different type of cuisines and posting pictures on Instagram. I am kinda addicted to it. Last year in November I took a 30 day challenge of cooking different breakfasts daily. I tried a few new recipes, perfected some I already knew and as my family joked, made them fat. I agree, it was not something very healthy. When I saw Kellogg’s Anaaj Ka Nashta’s pictures on Facebook, I found healthier version of many recipes that I cook. I wish Guptaji invites me to his house to taste and learn a few of the sumptuous dishes they savor on a daily basis.

I love chivda and it was one of the dishes I cooked in my 30 day challenge. But in Guptaji’s house, they make a crisper and a healthier version of it - Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda. They add crushed cornflakes to make it crispy and add left-over chapattis to give it whole-grain-nutritious effect. It can be served hot and stored for munching later. Simply mouth watering, I tell you! After looking at this dish, I am dying for an invite. I so want to binge it with a hot cup of tea and bring some back for my husband.

Just after completing my challenge last year I started dieting, for obvious reason of course. I started making salads for dinner, but eating chopped vegetables and fruits is beyond my taste buds. I like my food punjabi style - high on masala and taste. And in Guptaji's house, they make this amazing Cabbage Corn Salad in Basil Curd Dressing. With a perfect mix of herbs, vegetables and fruits,  it looks so yummy. If we get invited on dinner some day, I will ask them to make this super-healthy salad as a starter.

Have I told you I love eating sweets? Since I am on a weight loss routine these days, I am staying away from all high calorie delicacies, but there are some lip smacking and low calorie sweets in Guptaji's house that I want to try - Cornflake Walnut Chocolate Muffin and Cornflake Coconut Ladoos as dessert, Apple Cornflakes Pancake for breakfast and CornFlake Popcorn Clusters for snacks. Even the names of these dishes are heavenly and one just wants to dig in. I hope, Mrs Gupta will share her recipes with me. So, I can get into shape without comprising on my sweet tooth.

There are so many other healthier versions that I want to learn and eat at their place like -

Oats Veggie Nurti Cutlets instead of Potato Cutlets
Apple Cinnamon Soya Shake instead of Normal Milk Shakes
Basil Curd Dip instead of Sauces

I want to go to Guptaji’s house for nashta to munch all these healthy, delicious and new dishes. And to learn a few of the recipes and cook it later. Who wouldn't want an invite at a place where food is served to cater both the taste buds and health? They serve a perfect meal with fancy names, gorgeous presentation of quick-fix low-calorie dishes.

P. S. - Kellogg's waale Guptaji  apne ghar nashte pe zaroor bulana.


  1. Very different and refreshing post. And also thank you for sharing information about such good healthy dishes with us.