Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pillar of Strength

There have been times when I was on the edge - motivation ebbed and things failed one after another. During those times, it was my family who stood by me. They were my pillar of strength and at the same times, they were the ones who held my back. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons of life from them which have made me what I am today - confident, fearless and independent.

My Mom - She taught me to stand for myself and always believed in my dreams. I remember, I was very disappointed when I couldn’t get through my favorite college and wanted to opt out of CA and CS. It was my mom who told me to accept failures with grace and work up from there. Not only I pursued my degrees but I was an all India rank holder in CS. I learned that growth is a continuous process and one setback could affect your bigger game plan. 

My Dad - He made me self reliant. I wanted to set up my own business after completing my education but I was pretty lost as to what to do. It was my dad who taught me one of the most important lessons to succeed in life, he said - learn, practice and grow. I didn’t use his advice then, but when I had to close my business, I realized the importance of his words. As an entrepreneur, it is very important to know the finer nuances of the trade - learn them if you don’t know, practice to improve and grow from there. Now, whenever I attempt something new, work or personal, I follow his principle. And I am very thankful to him for this invaluable lesson. 

My husband - He has guided me in most difficult times. He always say - never say no! He taught me to dream higher and chase them with burning passion. I am currently working on my dream project and it would never been possible without his undiluted support and words of encouragement. It is because of him I have reached so far in blogging. He believed in me when I was not sure of myself. I come from a commerce background and I was very nervous of writing publicly, he gave me the confidence to write and share my feelings with all my friends out there. For my every single achievement in writing, credit goes to him.

My brother - He is seven years younger to me but he has this adorable quality of telling stories to boost my morale. I call him - Story Baba. He gives me strength with his amazing stories he tells me whenever I am sad. I wonder, where he gets those stories from, or he merely cooks them up, then and there. But whatever it is, his stories give me strength when I need that the most. And I never sccumb to the pressure and become better with every single fall in life.

My family told me to believe in myself and learn from my mistakes. They provided a dose of motivation and reassurance that I could do whatever I set my mind at. They made me into a better person and I am lucky to have them in my life.

Ending with one of my favorite quotes - 

What if, I fail?
Darling, what if you fly!

*This post is written for ‘Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao’ campaign sponsored by HDFC Life on Indiblogger.


  1. Hi Saru! With comforting reassurances which one receives from the family, gives one the inner strength to face any hurdle in life with a smile and come victorious.

  2. Yes - what if you fly - and it is a good family that is the wind that bears you aloft - like yours.

  3. A lovely post. It reminds me of my family bonds. :)

  4. It's one of the rare blessings of life to be surrounded by loving and ' lovely' people.

  5. There is someone in our life who gives us motivation. The point is how soon we realise and accept it! :) Great one Saru :)