Saturday, March 21, 2015

Little Pleasures of Life

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness - Charles Spurgeon

There will always be a bridge between ‘what we have’ and ‘what we want’, but we can’t be sad while we try to bridge that gap. Happiness is not about the destination, it is about the journey, someone once said. It is those small moments which make us laugh, wet our eyes with happy tears and makes our heart sing that make life worth living. There are many small yet meaningful things that bring happiness in my life.

I love listening to old Bollywood songs. I go for a walk whenever weather and time permits. Listening to songs on my iPod during walk brings immense joy to me. I can walk for hours with music on. Walk with music lighten the stress of work and makes my day happy. There is nothing more relieving to me than going on long walks alone. It releases negativity from my body. It is the best therapy for me. I am not very particular about where I go. All I need is a pair of shoes and music and I am all set to charge myself and return completely happy. 

A good fragrance makes me extremely happy. It doesn’t technically fall into small things as I have to spend a lot of money and energy to find a good fragrance, but I love it. A good perfume, talc, deodorant just lifts my spirits. A whiff of Liril talcum powder, Gucci Guilty, Versace Yellow Diamond, Johnsons Baby Powder and Lomani is enough to make my day. I don’t know if there is any scientific explanation to it, but a good fragrance releases many happy hormones in my body. That’s why in my free time I compare notes and main accords of perfumes. It won’t be wrong to say that I am addicted to fragrances. Even researching perfumes on the internet is thrilling to me. It is one of my favorite pass times.

A good stimulating conversation is among the things that bring instant cheer. I don’t mean simple chit-chat. A good conversation that brings solace and has a dash of humor. It’s really difficult to find someone with whom you can start a meaningful conversation. And when you do, you feel very happy. I am one of those who not only derive happiness, but a good conversation has an intoxicating effect on my senses. If I chat with someone and it is good, I save it and read it later. I have a list of chats that I like to read. Humor, sarcasm and for that matter, even healthy flirting has a positive effect, don’t you agree?

Reading a good book never fails to add joy to my day. Be it a soul stirring piece on love or philosophical passage on life, I love reading. It’s like an instant dose of happiness. Instant reminds me of - a cup of coffee. I love a good cup of coffee - little strong with a right amount of sugar. These are few of the things that bring happiness. So, what is it for you - a good meal or an action movie?


  1. Great post, Saru. Little things we enjoy add joy to life.

  2. Being happy with what we have, and not we could have....So true, we should soak in the moment. Nice share!

  3. Super post Saru. Little deeds do add meaning to our lives! :')