Thursday, March 5, 2015

Peek-a-boo Moments and More...

As free as wind, 
As pure as a bud.
Tip-toeing into our lives,
Bringing laughter and love.

Kids bring cheer into our lives. They take away all the stress with their enchanting smiles and make everyone happy. No wonder, we call them bundles of joy. But keeping them happy needs some work. You have to be on your toes 24x7 and unleash the kid inside you. And then, you are all set. My mother worked in the technical department of Electricity Board and her working hours were weird. One week it was from seven-to-two during the day and next week from two-to-nine in the evening. So, I was the baby sitter for my 7 years younger brother every alternate week. Some say I practically raised him and the time I spent with him has taught me all the little tricks that keep kids happy.

Look who’s talking
'Baby talk' tops the list when you want to bond with a child. You can’t speak in the usual adult way if you are trying to break ice with a child. Once you gel with them in their language, then let the silly talks flow. I did the same with my brother. There was a popular bollywood track that he sang in his own words, nobody could understand a word of it, but we all sang along, rather mumbled the same broken lyrics. It was super fun! And yes, doing voices of their favorite cartoon characters is superhit thing among the kids. I did a great imitation of Scrooge Mcduck and I can never forget the ring of my brother's laughter after hearing the imitation.

Let’s play
Other thing we indulged in quite regularly was playing hide and seek. When he started walking, it was the first thing I taught him. He was so crazy about it that he wanted to play it all the time. In fact, we lured him to eat, take bath and sleep with a game of ‘hide and seek’. He used to get super excited even on the mere mention of the game. I think most kids love it. When my brother jumped with joy the moment he caught any of us, it made a kodak moment for our family. Also, he looked super adorable when he said peek-a-boo. We simply treasure all his peek-a-boo moments.

No, I am not talking about the alphabet song here. It’s - Any Body Can Dance; and if you have two  left feet when it comes to dancing, you are an entertainer for a child. Dancing makes kids happy. The imperfect swaying of arms and thumping of feet is a rock-on thing in kids world. We had numerous jam sessions in our house which made my kid brother no less than a Michael Jackson in his school later. He enjoyed it out and out.

Kids do love to play, talk and dance, but first we have to make sure that they are comfortable. They are well fed, properly dressed and they are always dry. Diapers play an important role in ensuring that kids stays dry and are enjoying every moment during the day and sleeping properly during the night. Also, it keeps them healthy and lessens the chance of infection. Pampers, a leading brand for diapers is a great choice to make sure that our babies are dry all the times and we spend time in creating happy memories. As they say - a #drybaby is a #happybaby.

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